Geometrie non euclidee
Experiment No. IV

Experiment No. III
Experiment No. I
Diario di una bambola
Canto I



The sensitive experience walks across unconscious paths and primitive instinctual behaviors. Following the mind projections, we sail our Odyssey through a sea of subconscious traps and temptations. The memories and the wishes face the alteration of the impossible, slipping into the truth.
I work with obsolete analouge video technique. This opera as well as Geometrie non euclidee / Experiments No. III and No. IV is analouge, without the need of a camera. 
Non-Euclidean geometry / My little night sea journey / Experiment No. I / Music: Metal & Glass Ensemble / Experimental film / Pal 4:3 / 02:56 Min. / 2012/13